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Yeng Minna Si is a media organization located in Imphal, Manipur (India). Originally a brainchild of Siddharth Haobijam ,an award winning photo journalist , it has come a long way from its inception as a facebook page to include multiple  professionals and aspiring photo journalists.         ( Link to his profile- )

Yeng Minna Si has so far produced one complete work on the Nupi Maanbi of Manipur (transgender of Manipur). The complete work was the culmination of three years documentation of the Nupi Maanbi. It was the result of the collaboration of Yeng Minna Si and various non government organisations including AMANA (apex transgender group of Manipur) , Maruploi foundation and CORE ,among others. The work was multi platform in nature and included  photo feature  in reputed online news portal, printed news features and a video documentary. The publications included both Indians and abroad.The video was also screened at reputed places both in Manipur and Assam . We can proudly say we were the first in this kind of multi platform documentations and nobody in the media community must have done what we did for the Nupi Maanbi of Manipur.

Yeng Minna Si has also made one documentary for a Central university ( Manipur Branch ) , various video stories for multiple organizations and media firms and adverts for local televisions.

Yeng Minna Si is currently working with various news publications for getting their works published.Yeng Minna Si has also collaborated / sponsored / partnered with  state institutes , ngos , music festivals , etc. (please click for more details)

Yeng Minna si offers various types of news products ranging from photo essays, written articles and video news features and documentaries.